Frequently Asked Questions


What we apply is absorbed into the skin, so it's nice  to use something that you wouldn't mind putting into you body. 


What fragrances are used in Archer Naturals products? 

NONE, we use all essential oils to make our products smell gorgeous.


What age can I start using Aussie Mozi on my Children ?

We recommend from 6 months of age, however this is a precaution. You can use this on children younger but we would recommend doing a patch test first and spray onto your own hands and then apply. 


Do you use Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Parabens or Sulphates in your products?

Absolutely not.


Do you Ship anywhere in Australia ?

YES! we have a standard shipping cost across Australia. 


Do you ship Overseas?

Yes, at the moment we ship to US, UK & Canada


Can i order by Phone?

At this point in time, no. But we are working on that and will keep you updated. 


What payment Options do i have?

You can safely and securely use Credit Card or Paypal to purchase from our online store. 


Where are Archer Naturals products made?

We are proudly Australian Owned, Made & Manufactured. 


What is the expiry date for Archer products?

They have a 24 month shelf life. 


Can i purchase your product from shops? 

Yes! Please check out stockist page


How can i contact Archer Naturals?

If you have read our FAQ's and it doesn't answer your question, please drop us a line

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