School's Back for 2016. We reveal our top 3 supplements to support kids, stress & their ner


Age is no barrier for stress and this well known feeling can creep up on anyone at any age and strangely enough, can create an overwhelming feeling of anxiety for some, including our children.

As parents and children embark on the schooling year for 2016 , parents may find things can be a little stressful for the little ones in your household too.

Stress can affect children differently to adults as they aren't yet equipped to be dealing with all these new feelings associated with meeting new freinds, busy schedules, learning in a classroom setting and toilet training for the younger ones.

so we take a look at the possible signs of stress in children of all ages

- Sleep habits may change

- Clingy or withdrawn

- Bowel habits may change ( hard or soft)

- Feeling "sick" in the stomach

- On edge or not their normal self

- Having an anxious cough

- Making excuses out of the ordinary

- Fingernail biting

- Bedwetting

- Shy or socially withdrawn

Just like adults, stress triggers a response in our body and tells our adrenal glands to produce our stress hormone- cortisol. If this hormone is triggered frequently, this can create unwanted feelings such as anxiety, heart palpitations, nervousness, irritability and fatigue or any of the other signs mentioned earlier.

So here are my Top 3 Supplements to support your children's nervous system to prevent them suffereing with the signs and symptoms of stress.

1. Magnesium powder ( this has to be a powder for many reasons)

Depending on the age of your children, i highly recommend a magnesium powder twice daily. Magnesium plays a big role in energy production as well as calming the nervous system and acting as a relaxant to calm the mind. With out this essential mineral your childmay suffer sleep disturbances, hyperactivity, anxiety, moodiness, eye twitching , muscle soreness or poor sleeping habits.

2. B Vitamin - A Multi vitamin which isn't a lolly gummy option is preferred. Bioceuticals do a great chewable option called Multi Factors for kids, with all the co factors to support the nervous system and adrenal gland function in the correct dosage a child requires. If you have the option, purchase your supplements from your healthfood store or local Naturopath instead of a retail shelf as you will get more for your money.

3. Probiotic - An all round probiotic is the best option. A probiotic that contains 6 or more strains is the preferred option and choose one that requires refridgeration not something that is shelf stable. Stress is one of the main contributors to poor gut health. A probiotic supports proper gut health and gut health is essential to maintain strong vitality, proper immune function and healthy gut/brain function.

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