Bite Free: How to repel mosquitoes in your backyard

We can gauge the areas hit hardest with mosquitoes,by the suburbs and cities our parcels are sent to.

The last month it seems we have been swamped with mosquitoes especially in some regions through out Queensland, New South Whales and Victoria.

Mosquitoes are definitely worse if you live near water or you are surrounded by trees - so what can you do when they just won't let up?

Firstly remove any water laying around the yard, especially in pot plants and simply do a spring clean of trees and hedges for the summer season where mosquitoes like to breed.

Wearing Aussie Mozi as apart of your daily ritual whenever your kids are playing outdoors to try and protect them from these blood suckers is a great start and a simple addition to your outdoor routine just like a hat and sunscreen.

In some regions where mosquitoes are severe, we quite often get feedback from customers, where they find spraying their children's skin and clothes, just gives that little bit of extra protection for a little bit longer. Remember Aussie Mozi is Deet Free and completely natural so applying as often as you like is absolutely OK.

If you have a green thumb and feel like going that extra mile, here are a few herbs and plants you might like to pot around your courtyard or children's play area to help repel mosquitoes and flies.






TIP: If you love to entertain and love the outdoors in summer, you will be happy to know, we have trialled Aussie Mozi in some of the toughest areas swamped by flies and mosquitoes throughout Australia. The best news is .... Flies hate it as much as mosquitoes!

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