Do you know the 5 ways to Repel mosquitoes?

Summer is only around the corner and with warmer weather comes the glorious summer days of swimming, fishing, camping and entertaining the family with of course a true Aussie tradition - BBQ's.

As we enjoy the perfect summers day and watch the afternoon storms roll in, we always face the unwanted guests too.. mosquitoes!

Lets look at a few things you can do at home to protect your family from the blood sucking pests.

Brighten up your wardrobe

Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours, especially dark blue. Plan your outfit a little more carefully next time you have an outdoor event, opt for paler colours, they won’t repel mosquitoes but perhaps a few less mozzies will chase you down.

Turn on fans

Mosquitoes are attracted to the Carbon Dioxide you exhale, so an outdoor fan will help move the air about and disrupt their flight and maybe even help hide you from mosquitoes.

Alcohol, spicy food and pregnancy are a few things which will increase your heart rate and increase the amount of carbon dioxide you exhale.

Water, Water , water

Quite often, summer rainfalls are welcomed after so many dry months. Coastal flooding, King tides and rain filling backyard containers and pots; this will trigger a hatch of mosquito eggs. Mosquitoes will be out in force biting about ten days after “king tides” or major downpours of rain.

Avoid Peak Hours

Mosquitoes will bite any time of day, but like most preying animals, mosquitoes will be looking for blood from late afternoon through until early evening, so protect your family and be more cautious around these times.

Choose the right repellent

A topical insect repellent, will provide the longest lasting protection. . When it comes to repellents, a dab “here and there” isn’t enough to stop the bites. Apply insect repellent as a thin covering on all exposed areas of skin for the most effective protection.

Our 100% Natural Aussie Mozi can be applied to skin and clothing to help repel mosquitoes.

Enjoy the Outdoors - Naturally.

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